About The Crupi Group

Dominic Crupi arrived in Canada in 1949 with just his tools and the determination to build this great land called Canada.   Through hard work, unsurpassed product quality and exceptional customer service, D. Crupi & Sons has been leading the way to paving the Greater Toronto Area for over 54 years.

Today, The Crupi Group has a staff of more than 300, many of whom have been loyal employees for over 30 years.  This breadth and depth of the Crupi team's experience ensures your paving requirements are met promptly, accurately and with outstanding quality.

Specializing in the Road Construction and Aggregate Industry, Crupi provides their customers with excellence in road construction, crushed concrete and aggregate sales, asphalt sales, paving services, and large space snow removal.    The Crupi Group prides itself in providing quality solutions through their expert and dedicated team; while respecting the environment, the community, and their employees.

The Crupi Group is a vertically integrated company, owning what is necessary to build and maintain pavement; from gravel and limestone through to street sweeping services and snow removal, ensuring the client receives the service ordered, at the time specified, at competitive prices.

The Crupi Group has been paving the way to a better community, through both municipal and commercial road construction and related services, for more than 54 years.  Their work can be seen in subdivisions, shopping malls, and factory parking lots across the Greater Toronto Area.  As well as on the thousands of kilometers of municipal streets and highways which connect us all to the conveniences of modern life.