Crupi & The Environment

The Crupi Group takes the environment seriously and strictly adheres to all provincial environmental standards.

Reclaimed concrete is generated during the reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, runways or demolition of buildings and other concrete elements. This material is then processed by crushing, and the removal of reinforced steel and screening. Recycled materials are typically processed and stockpiled as 19mm and 50mm crushed materials and are used as an alternate to pit run or quarried granular materials. No special equipment or procedures are required for the handling of these materials.

Over the years, the recycled crushed concrete and asphalt aggregates have been used for a variety of granular applications. Some typical applications are listed below:

  • 50 mm recycled aggregate as granular sub base for pavements
  • 19 mm recycled aggregate as granular base for pavements
  • trench backfill material
  • engineered fill
  • stabilized soil base
  • waste processing at demolition sites
  • pavement shoulders (use of up to 100% crushed asphalt allowed by MTO)
  • bicycle paths and parking lots (100% crushed asphalt used as base material)