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Health & Safety

So Everyone Goes Home as Safe & Healthy as They Arrived

It isn’t just our priority as a company. It doesn’t only start at the top. It’s more than part of every employee’s training and development. The health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce, customers, suppliers and the public is everyone’s job. It is the basis of our corporate culture.

The Crupi Group Approach to
Health & Safety

Protection of all customers, employees, contractors and the public, from injury or occupational
disease, is our primary objective.

Entrench it as a Right

All workers have the right to a healthy and safe workplace. The Crupi Group’s health and safety program is a multi-faceted combination of training, education, hazard analysis, safe work practices, policies, procedures, accident prevention and accident investigation. It also promotes the active involvement, cooperation and support of employees at all levels of the organization.

Make it Constant & Omnipresent

Health and safety are an integral part of our business. They are the start to every meeting. They are on every job site and in all our locations. They are on our buildings, our equipment, our trucks, our communications and our PPE. We regularly audit, review, assess and update our health and safety programs, policies and procedures to ensure they offer as much protection as possible.

Be Responsible for Each Other

Whether it’s between team members on our work crews, or in our interactions with clients, suppliers and the public, we take measures to look out for everyone’s health and safety.


We are committed to operating in a socially
responsible manner with a dedication to
preserving the environment in every possible


Awarded the prestigious Trillium Environmental Award at all our asphalt plants. This award recognizes Ontario asphalt plants that go above and beyond the already “gold” standard required under stringent environmental requirements by the Ministry of Environment across the hot mix asphalt plant industry. 


Every year we divert hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete rubble from landfill that is recycled for use on road construction jobs. This also reduces our reliance on aggregates mined from non-renewable resources and reduces impacts of transportation from remote areas.


We continually look for new ways to reduce energy use at all our plants  with innovative, energy-efficient programs, and developing environmentally friendly products by recycling responsibly using industry best practices.

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About The Crupi Group

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