Asphalt Plants

We currently operate four hot mix asphalt production facilities in the GTA.

  • Passmore Avenue (North Scarborough)
  • Brimley Avenue (South Scarborough)
  • Bethridge Road (Airport/Etobickoke)
  • Nelson Street (Oshawa)

We supply both our own construction contracts as well as many third party customers who do anything from pothole repair, to driveway paving, to large industrial commercial paving contracts.

Along with the production of hot mix asphalt, we also produce recycled aggregates.


Our organization was one of the first in the GTA to accept concrete from road construction contracts and crush it into a recycled aggregate product that can be re used and re purposed in the construction of roads and parking lots reducing the carbon footprint of construction in general as well as extend the life of our natural resources.

The use of recycled crushed concrete aggregate has a positive impact by:

  • Eliminating hundreds of thousands of metric tonnes of waste from job sites annually
  • Reducing the amount of trucking required to supply construction sites with aggregates as recycled material is processed closer to job sites in urban areas
  • Reduces the amount of natural stone removed from quarries and pits which are non renewable natural resources.
  • Reducing costs to municipalities and owners for the materials required to complete contracts.