Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

The 1.2 million square foot Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital was built on a 40-acre greenfield site, which D. Crupi & Son’s had developed with our own forces as well as the management and coordination of our subcontractors.

Construction for this multi-year project began in October 2016 and was complete by September 2020.

Crupi’s scope of work encompassed the hardscape exterior of the entire property, thus including 71,950 square meters of fine grading, 17,650 tonnes of asphalt, 9,125 linear meters of concrete curb, 15,250 square meters of concrete sidewalk, 1,605 square meters of interlock unit pavers, 500+ traffic signs, and all line markings including 1,775 parking stalls. The variety in the scope of work and the coordination required to complete this project truly emphasizes the multitude of our team’s capabilities, as we stay committed to achieving the highest quality product for our clients.

In coordination with PCL Constructors and Mackenzie Health, this high profile project with a construction budget of $1.7 Billion was completed on schedule and now contributes to Ontario’s vastly growing healthcare system.