Aggregates Division

We operate three licensed aggregate locations in Ontario

Where we mine natural limestone, sand and gravel for a wide variety of construction applications.

These sites supply both our own as well as other construction organizations for many uses

  • Hot mix asphalt production
  • RediMix concrete production
  • Pipe bedding for sewers and watermains
  • Road base for municipal, subdivision and private applications
  • Landscape applications
  • Many other applications

Our sites currently include:

  • Kirkfield Limestone and gravel quarry
  • Erin Sand and gravel pit
  • Stouffville Sand and gravel pit

The pictures above are of our largest site which is located in Kirkfield Ontario. The first picture is an overview of the currently active portion of the property and the second is of a blast done in

Blasts take place periodically to break solid rock down to a manageable size we can
process with crushing equipment.