TTC McNicoll Bus Maintenance Facility

A large scale environmentally responsible bus maintenance facility

Crupi worked in partnership with the TTC, and the joint venture of Buttcon and Eastern Construction to complete a large scale environmentally responsible bus maintenance facility located at McNicoll Ave & Milliken Blvd.

This project includes the design of an indoor storage facility that can accommodate 250 conventional buses, a maintenance shop, a transportation office, and a bus service area. The building design includes one of the largest self-sustaining green roofs in Ontario, and a permeable drainage system in the employee parking lot with a purpose for flood mitigation.

Crupi’s role in the design/build project was

  • 7500 tons of asphalt
  • 100m long noise barrier retaining wall
  • 23,500m2 of grading for drainage on undeveloped earth
  • 1,200m of subdrain under curbs
  • 3,000m of concrete curb
  • 3,900m2 of concrete walkways and vehicular pavement
  • 580m2 full re/re of municipal sidewalk

We successfully completed this work in compliance with the environmental assessment standards and regulations issued by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.